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Brahmasutra Box Office Collection is Totally Fake, Proved by Peoples


Producers of Brahmastra is celebrating the Grand success of Brahmastra and Peoples are proving that Brahmastra is a Flop Movie by Sharing various Proofs on Social Media.

Blank seats of Cineplex

Bollywood Industry is taking it's last Breathing and Legends of Bollywood hopes that Brahmastra will give them a new life. 

Brahmastra is the Masterpiece Movie that took over a decade and about $51.572 Million Dollar for its production. Also the first movie in Bollywood with such a massive budget. 
But people are continuously supporting the boycott of this movie. 

Why people are Boycotting the Brahmastra ? 

From past 10-11 Months, people are continuously  boycotting the Bollywood movies. Recently , Amir Khan's "Lal Singh Chaddha" was the biggest flop of Bollywood. 

Brahmastra is the next flop of Bollywood because the main actor of Brahmastra, Ranveer Kapoor once told in a interview that he the "beef guy" and people are blaming that how can such type of man can perform the role of Gods. Because , according to Hindu Philosophy, Bull is the ride of Lord Shiva.

Watch the Complete Video of Ranveer Kapoor saying, He is Beef Guy . 

How People's are proving that the Brahmastra is Flop Movie? 

Recently a Twitt was shared by Karan Johar , (Producer of Brahmastra) that how Brahmastra collected About ₹75 Crore World Wide Collection and other stars also celebrating the grand success of this film. 

But Netizens showed them the reality by sharing the pics of Cinema Halls. 

People shared various Pics on Social media that proves the Brahmastra Box Office Collection Fake, You can also cheak. 

Picture 1 . 

Business Insiders report

Picture 2.

Blank seats of Cineplex

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