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Adani Group's Debt Ballon can blast Anytime

Adnai Group's Debt Ballon can blast Anytime

Adani Group is most hot topic for every media and every Financial Analyst because various stocks of Adani Group is continuously rising

Debt and Valuation of Adani Group is increasing every year. But the major and biggest jump could be seen from the starting of the year 2022.

From the starting of 2022 , Adani is non-stop investing in various businesses and ventures. In this year Adani Group entered in various sectors like Cement to Power, Green Energy to Media Company "NDTV".

Total Debt on Adani Group till September, 2022 is about more than $27 billion (₹2.21 lakh crore). 

That's a huge but , this is in a balanced way. 

Adani group is very expert 😅 in balancing the Debt and Investment. 

There are very least chance of debt blast because Adani Group invested a lot of money by looking the future opportunity in that particular sector. 

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