Its too Hard to maintain the Business Fluctuation after Global Inflation increase!

After the financial crisis of 2008 , we ultimately seens that how one factor can also decide the whole economic growth rate. 

As after the situation between Ukraine and Russia world's inflation rate is continuously increasing and maturity of The Economist from different countries are predicting for the next financial crisis for upcoming years. 

As  mentioned in the article of Forbes under the title "Protecting Your Business And Your Well-Being In Stressful Times". Small businesses are being vanished in this inflation growth. Small businesses are continuously finding away to surpass this time but maximum of them are getting failed due to the constant decreasing in purchases of different types of products. 

As described in the article that in the last 2 years a major cut down in the number of jobs due to covid-19 and various other factors measure factor in this is the artificial intelligence is taking place of human jobs. About 9 million jobs having cut down in US last past 2 years. 

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