What is the Difference between Dropper and Topper ?

What is the Difference between Dropper and Topper in NEET and JEE or in Other Exam?

NEET and JEE are considered the most competitive exams for college entrance exam in India. Every year in both of these exam more than 2 million students take part. 

About 97% of students are unable to get their selection into various medical colleges and engineering colleges. The simple reason behind this is the immense competition between students. Many of them apply again for the same exam. 

Most of students are in the dream to crack these exams in first attempt! and many of them prepare for these exams and get selected. 

The Question is What is the difference between Dropper and Topper

We have no right to say someone as Dropper or Topper. But no one understand that. So let's know what is Dropper and Topper! 

Who is Dropper? 

Dropper is a candidate who apply for any exam second time. Many students are in the fear what other people will think when they will say that the particular student is a dropper but trust me no one cares that you are dropper or a topper everyone will not want you to get succeed in your life. 

Who is Topper?

Topper is a student who clears the exam in it's first attempt or gets the maximum marks in that examination. 

What are the common myths for a Dropper?

When a student is unable to crack any competitive exam in its first attempt then people start to call him a dropper and that's too frustrating because why the peoples are interested in your life. 

Here are some common myths of Dropper :-

1. Dropper thinks that the particular exam is very tough to crack but that's not true it's the only problem in your preparation for that exam.

2. People always ask droppers or see them within negative view. 

3. Droppers are low confident students but that's not more than funny joke. 

4. Dropper always fails and never cracks any exam. 

5. Droppers IQ level is lower than any average student. 

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