The Kashmir Files Still Earned About $5.5M , What's Worng?

"The Kashmir Files" film is currently major sensesation in the world . This film is directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The film have generated about 5.5+ million dollars in first four days of its release. 

The Kashmir Files banner

After getting such popularity to The Kashmir Files, why the revenue is still less? 

The Kashmir Files Publicity in the World 

This film got it's attention from all around the world. Film director, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri claimed that they participated in several countries of the world to tell about this film. 

Vivek further said, that he had attend at least 14-15 promotion programme in only US. 

In India, this film got it's majority of attention after the pic of Narendra Modi with Vivek. 

The Kashmir Files film is trending in the world for proof here is the front page of Wikipedia. 

Why The Kashmir Files Revenue is so less? 

The Kashmir Files is getting lot of attention but still this film has generated only an amount of 5.5 million dollar in first four days. The major reason for this is the low number of screen. 

There is no scarcity of screens in India. But due to some reasons.Some of the cinemas denied to premier it. 

The Kashmir Files Total Revenue Day Wise

Day Earning
Day 1 Box office Collection 3.55 Cr
Day 2 Box office Collection 8.50 Cr
Day 3 Box office Collection 15.10 Cr
Day 4 Box office Collection 15.05 Cr
Day 5 Box office Collection 18 Cr
Day 6 Box office Collection 19.3 Cr
Day 7 Box office Collection 18.05 Cr
Day 8 Box office Collection 22.08 Cr
Day 9 Box office Collection

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