The Kashmir Files | Direct Link To Watch | Film By Vivek Agnihotri

The Kashmir Files is officially released in cinemas whole over the India

The Kashmir Files is film which is based on true story of Kashmir. This film explained the reality of Kashmir, how the Kashmiri Pandits are being treated in there own land "Kashmir".

The film now getting more attention after the PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi's picture clicked with the director of " The Kashmir Files".

What is The Kashmir Files ? 

The Kashmir Files is documentary of cruelty which is being faced by Kashmiri Pandits from a long time. This film shows how these peoples are forced to leave their land. Kashmir is said to be the " Heaven of India" and this beauty can't be digested by some cruel and terrorist countries so they start to attack peoples . 

Where to watch The Kashmir Files? 

The Kashmir files film is officially released on 11 March 2022 in cinemas over the country. 
Someone who is interested to see can visit there nearest cinema and book a ticket and must enjoy with popcorn. 

How to watch The Kashmir files for free on phone? 

The Kashmir files is only watched in cinema. But still people can watch it's official trailer for free. 
Here is the link

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