NATO v/s BRICKS : Russia is not alone ! If America has NATO

World is now on the way of World War 3 . America and other Western countries are constantly trying to help Ukraine to defend against Russia. Whereas, Russia is trying to secure itself from future attacks. 

What is NATO v/s BRICS? 

On one side, where America has its military alliance with other 29 different countries called as NATO
On other side, Russia has its economic alliance with other 4 countries called as BRICS
Both these alliance are jointly made for the security, economic and development purpose. 

How many countries are there in NATO and BRICS? 

  • Countries in NATO 

There are total 30 countries in NATO, which are Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic ,Denmark ,Estonia ,France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland ,Italy ,Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands ,North Macedonia, Norway ,Poland, Portugal, Romania ,Slovakia, Slovenia ,Spain, Turkey ,United Kingdom ,United States, Montenegro. 

  • Countries in BRICS

There are total 5 countries in BRICS, which are Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. 

What is the difference in NATO and BRICS? 

There are several reasons which make a big difference in between NATO and BRICS, which can be understood from this video. 

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